Join us at the Arena Discord Server.
We strive for a friendly, shit-talk free and non-toxic environment.
We fight in San Tu because the main station is very close to dense asteroid fields. Although we mostly fight in the rocks, we also engage in open space, non-engineered and player-operated slf fights.
All skill levels and play styles are welcome.

cooperation project of SPEAR and other Communities

In the past, some organized PvP events were exclusionary. Because we believe PvP is for everyone, we are now partnered in a new ED:Arena PvP project.

A Law Enforcer about the Hub

PvP is for everyone. If any of you reading this are even slightly interested in learning to PvP, please start a conversation with me and my buddies and I will try to help you…..regardless of role playing style. I used to be a Solo player only, but then got bored. PvP is not easy, but it opens one to some really interesting encounters and will show you what the flight model can really do.

experienced instructors and veterans

for pilots who want to become aces we have long year experienced instructors and theory crafters which will help in high skill level dogfight like full fa off combat in the rocks.

pvp fun without the grind

we offer special events for people who dont want or dont have the time to grind for a fully engineered pvp ship.
there will be stock ship events and thrilling events with ship launched fighters as well.
both variants dont need much preparation just join in and enjoy the fun of competitive pvp.

designed and created by Cmdr ThePeppi with Thnx and credits To Akuma Tebori, Swiiiifty and Slange Lands