request forces,
report false agents


Specific Criminal Activity

When a gank attack occurs, reports are posted on the SPEAR Discord server and all ATR pilots are pinged. Reports include how many attackers and in which system. Available ATR pilots report in and communicate their readiness level on the SPEAR Discord. Wings are formed and pursuit ensues.
We are the law enforcers that hunt gankers griefers actively in the game.


SPEAR Commanders can often be found at hotspots frequented by less experienced pilots such as Community Goal systems and early Engineer systems.
We fly in supercruise or at the engineer bases themselves.
All player ships are scanned for criminal status, especially those built primarily for PvP. If a Commander is wanted or has a significant bounty, interdictions are attempted.
SPEAR may win or SPEAR may lose. However, any time spent engaging SPEAR pilots is less time for criminals to pirate or kill.

fleet operations

Sometimes it is fun to fly with as many friends as possible.
During peak hours on peak days, we often fly en masse in supercruise in hot spots hoping to be engaged by our friends, the unlawfuls.
It’s a lot of fun when instancing actually works.
Note: Despite accusations, SPEAR Commanders do not block. It would be the height of stupidity to block those whom one precisely wishes to hunt.
Nevertheless, due to significant bugs in the instancing mechanic, especially in the more “generic” systems, false accusations are understandable.
Most SPEAR Commanders pride themselves on their extensive friends lists to help better instance with all commanders, friend and foe.