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Founded in 3302 to counter rampant ganking and griefing in Open mode. SPEAR is also an attempt to help remedy the shortcomings of the Crime and Punishment mechanics in Elite Dangerous. Despite a lot of opposition from unlawful player groups, SPEAR has since grown and has become well established. We are devoted to our cause to help protect the inexperienced and new.


SPEAR is primarily about law enforcement and the protection of PvEers. Not about balanced PvP. To secure shipping lanes to an early engineer base, SPEAR is quite happy to use overwhelming numbers to guarantee safe passage. Consequently, The neighborhood pirates and seal clubbers feel quite put upon, even ganked. However there are two acceptable philosophies in lawful pvp and both have a place in SPEAR, one in which wings of lawful bounty hunters seek organic emergent experiences hunting known outlaws, and another in which enforcement and protection from ganking is the only priority (typically engineer systems and CGs). In that latter case, we do not pretend to play nicely. We are ok with overwhelming force (aka ganking the gankers) and any other acceptable method to engage and drive away the ganker element so traders and other innocents can pass through an area safely.


1) SPEAR pilots adhere to Frontier Developments ToS.
2) No cheating or hacking.
3) No combat or menu logging.
4) Courteous and polite behaviour is expected. Banter is fine and encouraged, donโ€™t cross any obvious lines.
5) Targets must be carefully and thoughtfully chosen. We do not attack random or innocent commanders.
6) Respect your comrads as well as your opponents

REMEMBER: Your attitude reflects on SPEAR and therefore a lot of other groups and commanders.

The following are strong suggestions. Operational SPEAR forces will be expected to adhere to these additional requirements during Fleet Operations.

1) No NPC piloted ship launched fighters.
2) No regeneration or concordant healing lasers.
3) No blocking of commanders
   3.1) Commanders who are convicted of cheating or hacking may be blocked by SPEAR forces.

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Anyone of any squadron or affiliation can join. We are a network and coalition of lawful commanders. If you think SPEAR is for you, please click the JOIN button and you will be redirected to our Discord server. For security reasons you will be placed in an airlock and shortly thereafter we will contact you for a personal interview. Thanks for your interest and fly safely!