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the game

an open mode for everyone

Elite Dangerous in Open mode would be a much more varied and diverse social experience for everyone if the barriers to building PvP resistant ships were not as high.
Not all Commanders have the time to build human player interdiction-worthy ships, nor the experience and persistence to successfully high-wake.
Nevertheless, the game is as it is, and the likelihood of newer and less experienced Commanders being killed in Open mode in hotspot systems is significant.
SPEAR’s goal is to protect and guard the most frequented systems in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy.

advice and guidelines

In accordance with Frontier Developments ToS, SPEAR pilots may not combat log. In addition menu logging is forbidden as well. The use of Regeneration and Concordance lasers are also prohibited. Cheating and hacking are forbidden. Any blocking is heavily discouraged. Blocking completely defeats the purpose of SPEAR, which is preciselyto attempt to counter those subject to the most blocking.


SPEAR is an ever evolving player run community committed to making the Elite Dangerous Universe a little safer for everyone.
We are always open to new and differing ideas. We will strive to adapt conscientiously to whatever future iterations of Elite Dangerous may bring.