request forces, Report false agents

the spear network on elite dangerous and star citizen

Our mission is to protect those who cannot defend themselves and to hunt down those who would obliterate them.

We are a volunteer coalition of independent squadrons and individual Commanders dedicated to anti-griefing and anti-ganking on the PC Platform.

Our more than 100 experienced PvP pilots patrol and secure Community Goal, Engineering and other hotspot systems.
Training is offered to pilots of every skill level regardless of political affiliation.

our partners on playstation ICPR | Interstellar Coalition for Pilot Rights

We help any pilot in the need of backup. As an allegiance of lawenforcers we focus on known and reported griefers and won’t attack harmless players for no reason! Send us a Request or hand in a report, we’ll invite you to a permit locked channel and discuss the details. This way we ensure your privacy and ours.

Want to restore justice in OPEN? Let’s wing up! Ganking is a crime and must be punished. We support lawful lone wolves and groups.

The Elite Dangerous Spear Advanced Tactical Response is a special unit within the SPEAR network consisting of pilots ready and willing to respond immediately when attacks are committed.
Our ATR unit is comprised of very seasoned and highly engineered pilots who play very often and have dedicated themselves to PvP and PvP ship theory crafting.
Our discord receives live reports about crimes committed in actual time.

the spear discord

The SPEAR Network relies on instant and easily accessible communication. Unfortunately, in its current state, the Elite Dangerous game itself does not allow for mobile access and verbal and written communication between large groups of Commanders. Hence SPEAR uses Discord and TeamSpeak for communications.
In our Discord you will find many channels pertaining to lawful enforcement, ethics, ship building, strategy and organization. We pride ourselves in being an open community where courteous and polite discussion, including minority dissenting opinion, is encouraged and respected. Your voice will be heard.

The Law Enforcer Community

SPEAR Commanders come from many different nations, speak different native languages, have many different preferred Elite Dangerous affiliations and play at different hours of the day. However, we do have one thing in common, and that is a desire to make popular systems safer for non-combat ships. Whether you prefer exploring, trading, role-playing, Thargoid hunting or combat, you will find a niche in SPEAR. Whatever level of piloting skill, all members are respected and courteous behavior is expected of all SPEAR pilots. No question is considered too trivial or too stupid. We do our best to support each other. All SPEAR events and activities are voluntary. As always, real life comes first.

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